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Any adult who wishes to learn about art in any of our four labs: Architectural Design and Modelling (1), Experimental Graphic Arts (2), Digital Cinematography (3) or Art Object (4).

Enthusiasts of design and the modelling of complex forms, students of architecture, or individuals whose careers are affiliated with architecture, such as interior design, stage scenery, sculpture, industrial design, construction, civil engineering, or those associated with the creating of spaces.

Individuals with a passion for visual applied arts, either professional or amateur, as well as artists, graphic designers, visual artists, painters, drawers, muralists, or those with trades such as screen printing, engraving and illustration, and who enjoy art, painting and graphic experimentation through different processes and techniques from analog to digital.

People who wish to learn cinematography, members of the audiovisual industry, communication specialists, artists, photographers, publicists and like professionals who have a passion for creating and exploring in audiovisual mediums.

Enthusiasts of the development and creation of functional art objects, students or professionals in the fields of industrial design and modelling, plastic artists, artisans, carpenters, metalworkers, textile workers and anyone passionate about experimentation and the handling of different materials.

By filling out the application form to start the selection process. You will receive all the necessary information about your chosen lab. You may also fill out the application form directly at ARTIIIS Academy. Apply now! (link)

Our first semester starts in August 2020 and the next in January 2021.

Class size is limited in order to guarantee quality in our learning/apprenticeship model.

Each morning and afternoon session will have a maximum of 15 apprentices per lab.

ARTIIIS Academy offers the possibility of second- or third -level courses.

To apply, a portfolio must be submitted, which will be evaluated by the academic board of the institute.

Yes, with two alternative schedules for your convenience:

Morning hours from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Afternoon hours from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

You will develop professionally in the areas of Architecture, Cinematography, Art Object, or Graphic Arts, with special emphasis on practice and the perfecting of technical skills that favor creativity and expression.

There are 3 levels of 2 months duration each. The complete program consists of 6 continuous months of practice:

Level 1: Inductive, 8 weeks

Level 2: Constructive, 8 weeks

Level 3: Deconstructive, 8 weeks

Total duration of a complete lab: 24 weeks

We offer 3 tuition options:  silver, gold and platinum. Costs vary according to the option chosen.

Grand Opening special offer:

  • Sign-up for all levels free of charge.
  • If you pay the entire semester in advance: 15% discount.
  • Are you a student? Obtain up to 20% discount.
  • Groups of more than 5 persons: 20% discount.

*terms and conditions apply